Salvation Army Silicon Valley Leadership

Daivd & Gaylene Yardley

Santa Clara County Coordinators
Majors David & Gaylene Yardley

Assistant Corps Officers
Captain Mary Chung

Santa Clara County Advisory Board
Eric Anderson, Chair
Greg Von Gehr, Immediate Past Chair

Life Members
Earl Thompson
David Down

Board Members
Kathy Ames, Hank Bataille, Brandt Brereton, Mickie Constantino, Rich Crowley, Dick Dryden, Keith Goodwin, Bobby Greenberg, John Housley, Doug Jones, Ron Keffer, Samantha Knappenberger, Patrick Lamey, Henry Lee, Howard Loomis, James Ma, Diana McClure, Christine Moore, Skip Vaccarello, Christopher Wall, Jim Young.

Despite improving economic conditions locally, too many people are still living on the margin whether they are seniors trying to make ends meet or poor families with young children going to bed hungry.

As a consequence, The Salvation Army has experienced a multi-fold increase in the demand for its services over the past several years and we see no abatement in the near term. For example, today, we hand out more food baskets in a day than were requested of us in a week just four years ago.

As importantly, we offer hope, compassion, strength and faith to desperate souls in need of receiving simple acts of caring from a society that is often too busy to stop and help. As humble stewards of your generosity, The Salvation Army promises to be responsible executors of your goodwill. Your continuing support is our blessing.

Thank You!

Majors David & Gaylene Yardley
Santa Clara County Coordinators