San Jose Temple Corps

Captains Eric & Jasiel Tumale Address

The San Jose Temple Corps Youth Services is a free program that welcomes children in the community to participate in classes and activities that are fun and build character. The Temple Corps also has special activities including camping and summer day camps during the summer. Please contact us to find out more.

Youth Program Directors 359 N. 4th Street
(408) 998-2064 San Jose, CA 95112
Fun Programs & Activities
Fitness Troop Style Programs
Band Summer Camp
Music Theory Summer Day Camps
Singing Bible Study

Friday Schedule

Friday classes are designed for teens currently in Grades 8-12.

4:00 PM Community Singing Company
Students will be introduced to the basics of singing including how to hold a note, harmony, reading music, and stage performance. Students will particpate in singing competitions at our location and other Salvation Army venues in California.
5:00 PM Bible Bowl Club
Students will study five books in the New Testament including Galatians, Ephesians, Phillipians, Collosians, & Philemon. They participate in bible bowl competitions against other groups to show their grasp of scripture to win awards/medals.

Sunday Schedule

For all children currently in Grades K-12.
10:00 - 10:55 AM Sunday School
A structured lesson program that teaches values to children from the Bible.
12:10 PM Free Lunch
1:00 PM SAY Salvation Army Youth Troops
A character-building program for boys and girls which focuses on working with others, providing service with the community, earning badges, learning about other cultures, meeting new people, and building friendships.
  • Moonbeams (all preschoolers)
  • Sunbeams (girls grade 1-5)
  • Girl Guards (girls grade 6-12)
  • Rangers (boys grade 1-4)
  • Explorers (boys grade 5-12)
2:00 PM Music & Arts Class
Children can choose a wide variety of introductory musical and arts subjects to learn about including:
  • Musical Instrument: Piano, Guitar, or Recorder
  • Dance: Ribbon, Hula, or Devotion in Motion
  • Painting
  • Jr. Brass Band
  • Photography